CDC Surveillance Strategy Innovation Project Portfolio

The CDC Health Information Innovation Consortium (CHIIC) serves as a channel for innovative projects in CDC programs in collaboration with State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial agencies.

This project portfolio provides information on CDC’s Surveillance Strategy Innovation awarded projects, project ideas, and results from awarded projects. Project ideas are projects that were submitted but not selected for funding. Even though project ideas were not selected for funding, all projects are valuable learning opportunities for public health programs. As projects complete, lessons learned will be collected and added to the project descriptions.

Project proposals are shared to help foster collaboration among public health programs


Awarded projects:

Project ideas*:

In 2015, the Deputy Director for Public Health Science and Surveillance (DDPHSS) was able to sponsor 5 out of 25 submitted great project ideas.


Awarded projects:

Project ideas*:


In 2014, DDPHSS was able to sponsor 9 out of 33 submitted great project ideas.

Awarded projects (9):

Project ideas* (15 out of 24):

*Project information is only shared by programs who opt in to share information with the CHIIC. Some projects chose not to share their information.

For more information:

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Please email for more information on any projects.

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