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For questions about the consortium please email

Join the CHIIC Listserv to be part of the dialogue about innovative projects with Public Health Informatics and HealthIT activities across the agency.

How to join the CDC Health Information Innovation Consortium Listserv

  1. Put the CDC Listserv address in the TO line of an email: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.CDC.GOV (No E at the end of listserv; letter case does not matter)
  2. Leave the SUBJECT line blank. The server does not read the subject line
  3. Then on the very first line of the body section, simply write: SUBSCRIBE CDCL-CHIIC
  4. (as appropriate) Delete your signature block if you have one preformatted in your emails; it will confuse the server and your request will disappear in cyberspace
  5. Send your email

You will receive an email in which you will be asked to confirm your request (security requirement to avoid spam).

Page last reviewed: February 15, 2019