2014 CDC Surveillance Strategy Innovation Project Awards Announced

Update: 7/23/2014 – Project descriptions now available for funded projects and some non-funded projects where the project team allowed us to post.

Update: 7/10/2014 – additional 3 projects funded.

In support of the surveillance strategy, CDC’s Deputy Director for Public Health Science and Surveillance (DDPHSS) solicited project submissions for innovative projects that addressed one or more challenges faced by programs across the agency. We received a diverse set of proposals from across the agency addressing HealthIT and non-HealthIT challenges. Each proposed project describes a specific surveillance challenge or question and proposes a small, short method to build, test or experiment to create validated learning toward helping the immediate challenge as well as connecting to other activities across CDC.

DDPHSS received 33 proposals for ideas from across CDC programs:

Deputy Center Count
Grand Total 33


These projects proposed a really diverse set of ideas for how we can answer particular surveillance challenges in a way that connects together and allows others to learn from and reuse project findings. This word cloud of all the proposed project keywords helps convey the breadth of areas proposed:

Image of a word cloud

Through an expert review and recommendation to the DDPHSS Director, we were able to support six nine projects as part of our 2014 portfolio (in no particular order):

  • Tracking Population Movement in Emergencies using Mobile Phone Netw… (CGH); Keywords: Surveillance, Population, Migration, Emergency, Disaster, Mobile, mHealth, Displacement
  • Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) Interoperability … (NCBDDD); Keywords: Surveillance, Interoperability Standards, ONC S&I Framework, EHR, Data Quality
  • Development of Data Technical Standards and Gap Analysis and for th… (NCCDPHP); Keywords: Coverdell, Stroke, Registry, Data Standards, Technical Standards, Data Specifications, and Technical Specifications
  • Emerging Infection Program Web Service (NCEZID); Keywords: Shared Service, Web Service, Surveillance, Secure Transport, Interoperability
  • Synthetic Patient Dataset for the Determination of Ventilator-Assoc… (NCEZID); Keywords: Ventilator Associated Events, Healthcare Associated Infections, Electronic Health Record systems
  • STD Analysis and Visualization Tool (SAViT) (NCHHSTP); Keywords: STD, Analysis, Visualization
  • Dietary supplement imaging in the National Health and Nutrition Exa… (NCHS); Keywords: Data Collection, Imaging, Optical Character Recognition
  • NCHHSTP Mobile Atlas (NMA) (NCHHSTP); Keywords: Maps, Analysis, Visualization, Atlas, HIV, STD, TB, Hepatitis
  • NARMS Now: Human Data (NCEZID); Keywords: Antimicrobial Resistance, Visualization Tools, Graphical Displays, Data Download

I look forward to seeing what these projects learn and develop and will post updates with their lessons learned.
Additional analysis on the overall portfolio will be shared at the next CHIIC Quarterly Forum on Wednesday, August 13th.

More detail will be shared on funded projects as well as highlighting select project proposals that did not receive funding but are still extremely relevant and useful to serve as opportunity areas for innovation with CDC and public health partners.

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