The Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services (CSELS) is a collection of more than 30 programs that together form the foundation for the nation’s public health infrastructure. We provide the scientific service, expertise, skills, and tools to support CDC’s efforts to promote health, prevent disease, and prepare for emerging health threats.

Our mission is to strengthen and modernize the public health infrastructure of the United States through science and collaboration. In working towards this mission, CSELS has laid out the following strategic priorities that guide our efforts.  

CSELS Values
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility
  • Collaboration
  • Scientific Excellence
  • Integrity

Strategic Priorities

Data, Surveillance, and Analytics
  • Modernize case surveillance and implement electronic case reporting
  • Expand syndromic surveillance capacity
  • Improve data science and informatics capacity

Learn more: Division of Health Informatics and SurveillancePublic Health Informatics Office

Laboratory Systems
  • Expand laboratory data exchange between public health and clinical laboratories
  • Strengthen laboratory training and workforce development

Learn more: Division of Laboratory Systems

Public Health Workforce
  • Build a diverse and capable pipeline of public health professionals
  • Upskill the existing public health workforce

Learn more: Division of Scientific Education and Professional Development

Page last reviewed: March 15, 2021