Meet Our Leadership Team

Michael Iademarco

Michael F. Iademarco, MD, MPH


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Leslie Dauphin

Leslie Ann Dauphin, PhD

Deputy Director

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Detrice Munir

Detrice Munir, MPH

Management Officer

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Dr. Gundlapalli

Adi V. Gundlapalli, MD, PhD, MS

Chief, Public Health Informatics Office

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Paula Yoon, ScD, MPH

Paula Yoon, ScD, MPH

Director, Division of Health Informatics and Surveillance

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Reynolds (Ren) M. Salerno, PhD

Reynolds (Ren) M. Salerno, PhD

Director, Division of Laboratory Systems

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Patricia M. Simone, MD

Patricia M. Simone, MD

Director, Division of Scientific Education and Professional Development

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