National Public Health Workforce Strategic Roadmap

The National Public Health Workforce Strategic Roadmap depicts the key elements—goals and strategies—to strengthen the public health workforce. While the fishbone diagram (856KB) depicts problems facing the workforce, the roadmap outlines key areas for solutions. The roadmap is designed to be expansive and inclusive, and to represent the multiple constituencies that contribute directly and indirectly to the population’s health.

The oval-shape at the top contains a statement of purpose, which serves as the focus of the stakeholders’ collective efforts. Four columns contain supporting goals A–D, that include the strategies needed to advance the overall purpose. Across the bottom, four cross-cutting strategies reflect the supporting cumulative actions needed.

The roadmap was developed in fall 2012 as a tool for framing the critical discussion topics for the 2012 Public Health Workforce Summit. The roadmap was revised based on partner input before, during, and after the summit; a second page of descriptors was added to explain the intent of the goals and strategies.