Features and Benefits

Key features of POD Assist


POD Assist is a free web-based application deployed centrally at CDC that uses CDC’s secure data access method. Public health organizations can configure it to collect data specific to a public health event of concern. Users can access it through the internet by using any standard web browser, or public health organizations can deploy it on a standalone basis if the internet is not available.

During a large public health event, use of mobile devices can enable mass collection of countermeasure dispensing and inventory data at a point of dispensing, or POD. Public health organizations can use the POD Assist mobile application’s bring your own device (BYOD) approach to collect barcode information without the need to buy computer equipment.

POD Assist features include:

  • collects data on vaccine doses administered and pharmaceuticals or medical equipment dispensed at any POD,
  • recommends countermeasures for each individual, by using clinical algorithms, based on the person’s own clinical circumstances,
  • supports referral to Medical Consult for individuals that do not meet the criteria,
  • allows for override by dispenser or medical staff, while keeping dispensing/override history,
  • provides QR codes and color-coded and human-readable dispensing recommendations,
  • supports both dedicated barcode readers and smart device cameras,
  • supports dispensing multiple countermeasures simultaneously (for example, COVID-19 and influenza vaccines being dispensed at the same POD and workflow),
  • transmits vaccine administration data to immunization information systems,
  • aggregates and reports doses administered,
  • exports data using CSV (comma separated values) format, and
  • conducts POD activity monitoring remotely.


POD Assist reduces the burden on public health organizations as it requires minimal resources to implement and maintain. Its BYOD approach can reduce the need for funding and technology resources, which may be scarce and slow to acquire during an emergency.

POD Assist can assist with triaging and administering countermeasures while reducing the effort to collect and manage this information because users self-register. It also improves the efficiency of moving patients through a POD during an emergency.

POD Assist enables near real-time data collection and quick data sharing. Through analysis of POD Assist data, officials also gain insight into the scope and demographics of populations served.