DHIS Foundation Services

The Division of Health Informatics and Surveillance (DHIS) has started an initiative to develop a set of open-source, reusable, lightweight, and interoperable microservices that will be run as containers within a CDC-approved container platform and that will be known as Foundation Services (FDNS).  DHIS also wishes for these microservices to be capable of running outside of the CDC-approved container platform without much or any effort on behalf of third parties. For example, there are scenarios where the Foundation Services may be run by the Ministries of Health in other countries or by U.S. state and local governments.

Some Foundation Services have already been built and are available as open source projects on GitHub.com.external icon  Foundation Services will maintain existing functionality and will also meet evolving requirements while leveraging the best practices in software engineering, DevOps methodologies, and microservices architecture. The target date for an FDNS deployment to production, with a MODERATE confidentiality rating and the ability to store PII, is September 30, 2019.

The library of microservices that comprise Foundation Services will be built using Agile methodologies and practices. These practices include open source code, human-centered design, an extensible infrastructure, developer-oriented documentation, flexibility in the face of rapid change, and emphases on individuals, interactions, and working software.

For any questions, please email the Accelerator Team at xlr@cdc.gov.

Page last reviewed: December 2, 2019