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CPR Organizational Chart

Director (Acting): Nancy Messonier, MD (CAPT, USPHS RET)

  • Deputy Director (Acting): Michael Melneck, MPH
    • Associate Director of Communications: John P. Anderton, PhD, MPA
    • Associate Director of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation: Kathryn Gallagher, BS
    • Associate Director of Information Resources: Chare Brown, BS, MBA, MPH
    • Associate Director of Management Resources: Arnetra Herbert, BS, MS
    • Workforce Relations Officer: Marvin (Bryan) Weekley
  • Deputy Director for Strategy (Acting): Michael Gerber
  • Deputy Director and Chief Medical Officer: Daniel Sosin, MD, MPH, FACP
    • Associate Director of Science and Public Health Practice (Acting): Wayne Duffus, MD, PhD
    • Senior Advisor for Laboratory Preparedness: Joanne Andreadis, PhD
    • Senior Advisor for Medical Care and Countermeasures: Joanna Prasher, PhD
    • Director of U.S. National Authority for Containment of Poliovirus: Lia Hayes Smith, PhD
  • Liaison for Department of Defense: Eric Deussing, MD, MPH
  • Liaison Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response: John T. Redd, MD, MPH, FACP

Division of Emergency Operations

  • Director (Acting): Ed Rouse
    • Emergency and Risk Communications Branch: Dagny E.P. Olivares, MPA
    • Logistics Support Branch: Bryan Taylor, MSS
    • Operations Branch: Luis C. Poblano
    • Plans, Training, Exercise and Evaluation Branch: David Kennedy, MBA

Division of Select Agents and Toxins

  • Director: Samuel Edwin
    • Program Management and Operations Branch: Tammy Gorny, MPA
    • Operations Branch: Von McClee, MS

Division of Sate and Local Readiness

  • Director: Christine Kosmos, RN, BSN, MS
    • Program Services Branch: Mark Davis, BA
    • Applied Science and Evaluation Branch: Rachel Avchen, PhD
    • Field Services Branch: Randolph Daley, DVM, MPH
    • Public Health and Health Systems Capacity Building Branch: David Hunter, MPH, MSW, BA
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