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12-hour Push Package

If a community experiences a large-scale public health incident in which the disease or agent is unknown, the first line of support from the stockpile is to send a 12-hour Push Package. Push packages contain a broad-range of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Contents are pre-packed and configured in transport-ready containers for rapid delivery anywhere in the United States within 12 hours of the federal decision to deploy. Each package contains 50 tons of emergency medical resources.

The stockpile has multiple 12-hour push packages stored in strategically located warehouses throughout the country ready for deployment. Immediately shipping, or “pushing,” a variety of items to the affected state allows authorities to begin or sustain response efforts. All states have plans to receive and distribute push packages quickly to local jurisdictions. Each container is color-coded and numbered to allow those receiving the shipment to easily identify and organize the materials.

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