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Managed Inventory

The majority of stockpile assets are held in storage and kept as managed inventory. Maintaining a supply of medications and medical supplies for specific health threats allows CDC to respond with the right product when a specific disease or agent is known.

Managed inventory can be used to provide additional specific items following a previously deployed 12-hour Push Package or as an initial response, depending on the situation. When it is obvious that a 12-hour push package alone will not meet the needs of the affected jurisdiction, CDC may deploy managed inventory following a previously deployed push package. The timeframe in which CDC sends additional inventory is determined by both its ability to deploy and the evolving or ongoing needs of the area.

Products in the stockpile may require an Emergency Use Authorization, which is granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The authorization allows for the emergency use of an unapproved medical product (e.g., drugs, vaccines, and devices) or unapproved use of an approved medical product to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions for which no adequate, FDA-approved alternative is available.

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