Research Funding Opportunity for 2018

CDC’s Center for Preparedness Response (CPR) has issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) to solicit proposals for research funding.

OPHPR’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Applied Research (PHEPRAR) BAAexternal icon is seeking proposals for innovative research to improve the ability of the CDC and its partners, especially state and local health departments, to effectively prepare for and respond to public health emergencies and disasters. This year, CPR identified five topic areas of interest:

TOPIC 1: Determining Requirements to Ensure Entities Have Effectively Inactivated Biological Select Agents and Regulated Nucleic Acids

TOPIC 2: Utility of the National Health Security Preparedness Index (NHSPI) for State and Local Public Health Preparedness Activities

TOPIC 3: Incident Management Systems (IMS) Promising Measures of Performance and Effectiveness

TOPIC 4: Evidence-Based Interventions to Mitigate Adverse Impacts on At-Risk Populations

TOPIC 5: Identifying Information Needs and Communication Channels for Reaching At-Risk Populations during Emergencies

For a detailed explanation of each topic, the application requirements, and information on how to apply, please refer to the funding announcementexternal icon on the website.

BAA Funding Mechanism

BAAs foster a competitive approach to obtain high quality proposals that harness scientific research and innovation by soliciting concept papers in response to the government’s identified research needs. CPR’s BAA aims to:

  1. Fund experts with the capability to develop and execute promising scientific approaches
  2. Encourage collaboration across research and practice entities through subcontracting and informal partnerships
  3. Promote scientific collaboration between CDC and funding recipients.
How can I apply?

Schools of public health, other academic institutions, state and local agencies, non-government organizations, and private sector research entities are eligible to apply for research funding under CPR’s BAA.

Interested parties may submit brief concept papers in accordance with the requirements stated in the BAA. Once the concept papers are reviewed for scientific merit and applicability to programmatic needs, CDC may, at the agency’s discretion, invite offerors to submit full proposals for evaluation.

Applicants invited to submit formal proposals can anticipate hearing about awards from this announcement between August and early September 2018. Awards will be issued as research contracts with one-time funding. Depending on the nature and scope of the project, awards will cover periods of performance up to 3 years.

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