DSLR PHEP ORR Reporting and Tracking System (PORTS) Application

  1. Prospective PORTS users download the form from the CDC website or request the form from their PHEP project officers.
  2. Each prospective PORTS user completes an application form, providing brief information such as name, email address, jurisdiction, and user role. The roles include data entry, submit for review, state reviewer, read only, and user manager. Prospective users must also indicate whether they have a CDC Secure Access and Management Services (SAMS) account, which is required for PORTS access.
  3. Prospective users either submit the completed application to an approving official or, if already an approving official, submit it to their PHEP project officers. Approving officials are preparedness directors or their designees.
  4. PHEP project officers review applications to validate the appropriate user roles and submit the forms to the DSLR information technology team on behalf of the users for processing.
  5. Project officers notify the preparedness directors within five business days if their forms cannot be submitted and how to address any identified issues.
  6. Prospective PORTS users with SAMS accounts receive a notification from SAMS when the PORTS registration process has been completed. If they do not have a SAMS account, prospective users receive instructions from SAMS on how to register for a SAMS account.
Secure Access and Management Services Agreement Requirements

By requesting an account on Secure Access and Management Services (SAMS) DSLR PORTS, users must agree to the following requirements.

  • I will not publish any person’s photo, phone number, and/or e-mail address without his/her permission or without prior authorization by the SAMS sponsor/information owner.
  • I will not deliberately publish any false or inaccurate information about federal or state agencies.
  • I will not use obscene or intolerant language, offensive graphics, or video images that are inappropriate for electronic or any other forms of organization discourse. The determination of what is obscene, offensive, or intolerant is at the discretion of DSLR management.
  • I will not publish copyrighted information to DSLR PORTS without first obtaining the permission of the original creator and giving acknowledgment where required by applicable law.
  • I will take responsibility for maintaining the content I publish and keeping all directories on DSLR PORTS assigned to me up to date and free of old files and information.
Page last reviewed: January 28, 2022