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CDC released the first Public Health Crisis Response notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) on October 11, 2017, to enhance the nation’s ability to rapidly respond to public health emergencies. The NOFO increased the speed at which CDC can award funds to state, local, tribal, and territorial public health agencies in the event of a public health emergency through the establishment of an “approved but unfunded” (ABU) list of response funding recipients. Previous emergency experience has demonstrated the impact that initial funding and immediate response can have in mitigating negative health outcomes.

CDC establishes the ABU list from the eligible health departments with pre-existing emergency management programs that submit timely and responsive applications. The crisis response NOFO is not a capacity-building funding mechanism that can be used to create or establish new public health emergency management programs.

2022 ABU List and Crisis Response Funding

CDC released the new Public Health Crisis Response NOFO (CDC-RFA-TP22-2201) on January 13, 2022.

CDC will make funding related to this NOFO available once it has been determined a public health emergency exists or is considered imminent and will be contingent upon the availability and stipulations of appropriations or other funding. Not every jurisdiction will be funded for every public health emergency; the size and scope of the emergency will be used to inform funding decisions. CDC will provide additional guidance and information to those on the ABU list when this NOFO is funded.

This NOFO may be used to re-establish capacity lost or diminished because of the public health crisis. It is designed to support the surge needs of existing programs responding to a significant PHE. CDC will provide supplemental guidance to entities on the ABU list when this NOFO is activated regarding specific activities intended to address the emergency. The NOFO is available on https://www.grants.govexternal icon.

Eligible Entities

  • 50 states;
  • Eight U.S. territories and freely associated states;
  • Local jurisdictions that meet the population criteria as designated in the NOFO; and
  • Federally recognized tribal governments that meet the NOFO requirements.


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