Successful Partnerships

Here are some exciting examples of how individuals and organizations are partnering to promote public heath preparedness and response.

CDR Petersen and Task Force Leads strategize Zika interventions at CDC’s Emergency Operations Center.

Ready, Set, Go: CDC’s Incident Manager Training Program Prepares the Next Generation of Response Leaders

When the Zika Virus outbreak threatened the health of pregnant women and children across the country, having trained, skilled staff at CDC leading the response was critical. Thanks to CDC’s Incident Manager Training and Development program, Commander Brett Petersen was ready to help lead a successful response.

To get a naloxone kit, community members must certify they have completed required training

Public Health Preparedness Resource Helps Kentucky Fight Opioid Overdose Epidemic

A PHEP-funded mobile pharmacy, created for use during emergencies, has turned out to be an important tool in fighting Kentucky’s devastating opioid overdose epidemic. Pharmacists travel with the mobile pharmacy to areas most affected by the epidemic and provide naloxone kits and training directly to communities in need.

A pregnant women receives a Zika Prevention Kit and counseling at a Zika Action Day in Puerto Rico

Corporations Partner with Local Health Departments to Help Fight Zika

CDC has linked corporate partners with local health departments to help fight Zika. During popular community events known as Zika Action Days, community members receive valuable Zika prevention information and products. Events have been held in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Florida.

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