Preparedness Month 2018 - Partner Toolkit

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The hurricanes of 2017 reminded us all of not just the importance but also the necessity of being prepared to protect the health of your family until help arrives.

This September, the CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (PHPR) wants to remind people of The Power of Preparedness and that it takes everyone “pulling in the same direction” to build communities and a nation that can withstand, adapt to, and recover from complex public health challenges.

This year’s call-to-action is Prepare Your Health (#PrepYourHealth). There are four weekly themes highlighting the roles individuals, state and local public health, and CDC play in creating resilient health communities.

We created the following toolkit for you to use at your discretion as part of your National Preparedness Month (#NatlPrep) messaging. Feel free to use the tweets and posts verbatim, or to localize the messages for your audiences. We welcome all feedback, including topic suggestions for additional toolkits, in an effort to improve the usability and usefulness of future resources.

Partner Toolkit

NPM Social Media Toolkit

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Keep National Preparedness Month Going All Year

Though National Preparedness Month officially ends in the September, the conversation about emergency health preparedness should not. Here are some ways you can help us keep the topic of personal and public health preparedness on people’s tongues and in their social media timelines year-round:


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