Walking Papers: How to Prepare Your Important Paperwork for an Evacuation

Important paperwork—from a personal health preparedness perspective—includes any one-of-a-kind documents and important data that might come in handy in and after an emergency. Don’t wait until you get an evacuation order to gather your medical insurance cards, vaccination and vital records, advance directives, and personal identification documents. Get your paperwork squared away now.

  • Collect and protect hardcopies of important paperwork. Store them in a fireproof and water resistant file organizer, container or storage bag, with a trusted friend or relative, or in a safety deposit box at a bank.
  • Scan and save electronic copies of important papers in a password-protected format to a flash or external hard drive or a secure cloud service.
  • Download or bookmark online versions of user manuals for your medical devices, such as blood glucose meters and insulin pumps.

For more information, tips, and lists, visit cdc.gov/prepyourhealth.

Page last reviewed: July 16, 2019, 11:50 AM