Left in the Dark: Be Prepared for When the Lights Go Out

Power outages caused by a large-scale disaster tend to last much longer than the average blackout.
Be prepared to be without electricity for a few days not hours by having supplies and plans in place.

  • Invest in emergency lighting, safe heating alternatives, and backup power sources for your cellphone and home-use medical devices.
  • Fully charge your cellphone, medical devices, and back-up power sources if you know a disaster, like a hurricane, is coming.
  • Contact your local fire department and utility companies if you rely on an electricity-powered, home use medical device. Some electricity providers keep a “priority reconnection service” list of power-dependent customers.

For more information, tips, and lists, visit cdc.gov/prepyourhealth.

Page last reviewed: July 16, 2019, 11:50 AM