Grand Teton Mountains, Wyoming
At a Glance
  • State Population: 577,737
  • Local Health Departments: 25
  • Frequent Public Health Emergencies:
  • Key Emergency Operations Center Activations: 2020: COVID-19 Pandemic; 2017: Great American Solar Eclipse; 2016: Ice Jam Flooding
  • CDC PHEP Funding:
    FY 2021: $5,210,000
    FY 2020: $5,169,900
  • CDC Crisis Response Funding: COVID-19
    FY 2021: $4,384,938
    FY 2020: $4,567,500
PHEP-Funded Staff
  • Laboratorians: 2
  • CDC Preparedness Field Staff: 1
  • Other*: 12

*Includes IT specialists, administrative staff, statisticians, and other positions

Top 5 Preparedness Investments
  1. Community Preparedness
  2. Medical Countermeasure Dispensing and Distribution
  3. Public Health Laboratory Testing
  4. Emergency Operations Coordination
  5. Responder Safety and Health
Stories from the Field
Wyoming Eclipse
Keeping People Safe during the Great American Eclipse of 2017

In 2017, a solar eclipse captured the interest of America, with millions of people rushing to the so-called “path of totality”, which included parts of Wyoming. PHEP-funded staff helped areas of the state expecting an influx of people by ensuring consistent communication via satellite phones, keeping the community informed on eye safety and other eclipse activities, and preparing for a surge in hospital patients. Additionally, PHEP funds allowed for stockpiles of antibiotics, medical supplies, and the vehicles to transport them if necessary. Due to such extensive planning, Wyoming safely accommodated 1.5 million visitors during the eclipse without incident.

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