Portland, Oregon
At a Glance
  • State Population: 4,195,300
  • Local Health Departments: 33
  • Frequent Public Health Emergencies: Fire, Flooding, Landslides/Mudslides
  • Key Emergency Operations Center Activations: 2018: Measles outbreak; 2019: Vaping response
  • CDC PHEP Funding:
    FY 2017: $8,012,510
    FY 2018: $8,012,510
    FY 2019: $8,109,807
PHEP-Funded Staff
  • Epidemiologists: 2
  • Laboratorian: 3
  • Educator: 0
  • Health Professionals: 1
  • CDC Preparedness Field Staff: 1
  • Other*: 18

*Includes IT specialists, administrative staff, statisticians, and other positions

Top 5 Preparedness Investments
  1. Public Health Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation
  2. Information Sharing
  3. Community Preparedness
  4. Emergency Operations Coordination
  5. Medical Countermeasure Dispensing and Distribution
Stories from the Field
F Tularensis
LRN Lab Quickly Identifies Dangerous Pathogen and Saves Patient’s Life

In spring 2018, an Oregon resident arrived at an urgent care center with a fever, chest pain, body aches, and vomiting. Her physician suspected bacterial pneumonia and prescribed an antibiotic. What the clinician didn’t know was that the patient had been exposed to a bacterium called Francisella tularensis (F. tularensis), which can cause a life-threatening illness.

Oregon Group B Meningococcus
Stopping Campus Outbreak of Group B Meningococcus

In 2015, PHEP-funded disease detectives investigated an outbreak of group B meningococcal infections at the University of Oregon. The outbreak resulted in seven illnesses and left thousands of undergraduate students at risk. The Oregon Health Authority relied on a PHEP-funded team to support operations at a mass vaccination clinic. Nearly 5,000 students received immunizations at the campus mass vaccination clinic, helping to prevent more illnesses. PHEP funds also supported development of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between pharmacists and public health so that 3,000 students were vaccinated through pharmacies in the community.

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