Prepare Your Health for Hurricanes Chat

Prepare Your Health for Hurricanes Chat

Hurricanes are dangerous and destructive, being capable of high winds and heavy rain, and of causing widespread flooding and power outages. Common consequences like these—experienced, for example, in the aftermath of hurricanes Florence and Michael in 2018—affect personal and public health.

With the start of another Atlantic hurricane season looming (June 1), the CDC’s Center for Preparedness and Response (CPR) and Healthcare Readyexternal icon will co-host a Twitter Chat on Thursday, May 9, from 2 to 3 PM ET to discuss the ways people and communities can prepare their health for hurricanes.

Please join the conversation at #PrepYourHealth to learn more about hurricane preparedness and share your own answers to our Chat questions.

Topics for the Twitter Chat include:

  • Personal health preparedness
  • Community health resilience
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Post-disaster trauma

For more information about the Chat and/or to receive the questions in advance, please email us at

Page last reviewed: April 26, 2019