Data Collection

Update July 2017:

To simplify the process, MERS reporting to CDC has been updated:

  • CDC is no longer asking for state and local health departments to submit MERS short forms for PUIs who test negative for MERS-CoV.
  • State and local health departments must still submit all CDC MERS-CoV rRT-PCR assay test results (e.g., negative, positive, equivocal) via the LRN. Any MERS case detected in the U.S., and any PUI with equivocal or positive MERS test results must still be immediately reported to CDC as currently recommended.
  • CDC staff will continue to remain available for epidemiologic and laboratory consultation for MERS.
  • NOTE: CDC may revise optional submission of the MERS short form for PUIs who test negative for MERS-CoV in the future if circumstances change, such as increasing worldwide MERS cases or if a MERS case is identified in the U.S.

Please contact the CDC MERS Team if you have any questions:

How to submit a MERS PUI short form and MERS-CoV test results to CDC

There are two options to submit a completed MERS PUI short form to CDC:

  1. Online
    Health departments can fill out the PUI short form online which automatically enters it into a secure database and submits the information to CDC. To begin completing PUI short forms online, state health departments should contact the CDC MERS Team at to obtain a unique state-specific password. Once you have a password, click the online PUI short form link below, select your state from the drop-down box, enter your unique state-specific password obtained from CDC, and click “Login.” Within the form, enter a unique State ID for the PUI and click “Load / Check STATE ID” to begin entering the information. Click “Save” when completed. In the near future, health departments will have access to their state-specific PUI short form information, including previously submitted short forms.
  2. By FAX or email
    Alternatively, health departments may download, print, and send the completed investigation short form below by FAX to CDC at 770-488-7107 or attach the short form to an email to (subject line: MERS Patient Form).