COVID-19 Vaccines for Long-term Care Residents

COVID-19 Vaccines for Long-term Care Residents
Updated Feb. 7, 2024

What You Need to Know

  • CDC recommends everyone aged 5 years and older, including people who live and work in Long-term Care (LTC) settings, get 1 updated COVID-19 vaccine. Children aged 6 months – 4 years may need more than 1 updated COVID-19 vaccine dose to be up to date.
  • People aged 65 years and older who received 1 dose of any updated 2023-2024 COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or Novavax) should receive 1 additional dose of an updated COVID-19 vaccine at least 4 months after the previous updated dose. For more Novavax information, click or tap here.
  • People who are moderately or severely immunocompromised can get additional updated COVID-19 vaccine doses. Learn more about additional doses.
  • People who live in LTC settings must give consent, or agree to getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

If you live or work in a Long-term Care (LTC) setting, you can help protect yourself and the people around you by getting  your updated COVID-19 vaccine.

Long Term Care Facility Residents

If your loved one is not able to ask questions or otherwise communicate with the LTC staff, here’s what to know about consent for getting a COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Consent or assent for a COVID-19 vaccine is given by LTC residents (or people appointed to make medical decisions on their behalf called a medical proxy) and documented in their charts per the provider’s standard practice.
  • Residents who receive a COVID-19 vaccine (or their medical proxy) also receive a fact sheet before vaccination. The fact sheet explains the risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Some COVID-19 vaccination providers may require written, email, or verbal consent from recipients before getting vaccinated. This is at the provider’s discretion; written consent is not required by federal law for COVID-19 vaccination in the United States (U.S.)

How to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Mobile Information

To make a COVID-19 vaccine appointment for you or your family member:

  • Talk with the LTC staff about getting vaccinated on site.
  • Ask a family member or friend to help you schedule a vaccination appointment if you can’t get vaccinated on site. Visit to find providers near you.
  • If you have additional questions about how to get a COVID-19 vaccine, talk with your healthcare provider.

To find COVID-19 vaccine locations near you: Search, text your ZIP code to 438829, or call 1-800-232-0233.