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Plan, Prepare, and Respond

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COVID-19 Stakeholder Calls

Recorded conference calls with stakeholders, to review the current CDC guidance and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions.

Camps and Youth Programs
Schools and Childcare Programs
Communication Resources
Stop the spread of germs that can make you and others sick!pdf icon
Stop the Spread (Poster)

Preventative actions to help protect yourself and others.

Hands that look clean can still have icky germs! wash get soap Washpdf icon
Wash Your Hands (Poster)

Help children learn how to wash their hands.

Germs are all around you.pdf icon
Germs Are All Around You (Poster)

Stay healthy. Wash your hands.

Handwashing is your superpower!pdf icon
Handwashing Is Your Superpower (Poster)

Fight off Germs. Wash your hands.

Cover coughs and sneezes stop the spread of germs that can make others sick!pdf icon
Cover Coughs and Sneezes (Poster)

Educate children on how to stop the spread of germs.

Slow the spread practice physical distancing in childcare programsimage icon
Slow the Spread (Graphic)

Practice physical distancing.

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