Reopening Guidance for Employers with Vulnerable Workers

The purpose of this tool is to assist directors or administrators in making decisions regarding youth programs and camps during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to check with state and local health departments and other partners to determine the most appropriate actions.

✓ Are you in an community no longer requiring significant mitigation*?

✓ Will you be able to limit non-essential employees to those from the local geographic area?

✓ Do you have protective measures for employees at higher risk (e.g. teleworking, tasks that minimizing contact)?

Do Not Open

Are recommended safety actions in place?

✓ Promote healthy hygiene practices

✓ Intensify cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation

✓ Encourage social distancing (e.g., small static groups, no large events)

✓ Cancel non-essential travel, and encourage alternative commuting and telework

✓ Space out seating (>6 ft), and stagger gathering times

✓ Restrict use of any shared items and spaces

✓ Train all staff in above safety-actions

If ANY NO, do not open until safeguards are made. If ALL YES go to next.

Is ongoing monitoring in place?

✓ Encourge employees who are sick to stay home

✓ Establish routine, daily employee health checks

✓ Monitor absenteeism and have flexible time off policies

✓ Have an action plan for if a staff member gets COVID-19

✓ Create and test emergency communication channels for employees

✓ Establish communication with state and local authorities

If ANY NO, do not open until safeguards are made. ALL YES, open but monitor COVID-19 in the area, and be prepared to close quickly if needed.

*Or in a significant mitigation area and only serving children of essential workers.