Cases, Data, and Surveillance

Cases, Data, and Surveillance
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  • U.S. Cases and Deaths
    View breakdown of cases and deaths by state.
  • Cases and Deaths by County
    View breakdown of cases and deaths by county.
  • Trends
    Daily trends in number of COVID-19 cases by state.
  • Demographics
    Cases and deaths broken down by race and ethnicity, age, and sex.
  • Mobility
    See whether people are going out or staying home in your area.
  • Social Impact
    Localized outbreaks and other social impact events caused by COVID-19.
  • Testing for COVID-19
    Tests reported per state by commercial, public health, and hospital laboratories.


Serology (Antibody) Surveillance

CDC is using information from COVID-19 seroprevalence surveys to learn more about past SARS-CoV-2 infections.

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Predictive data to inform planning, allocation, and intervention decisions.

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COVIDView Weekly

A weekly surveillance summary of US COVID-19 activity.

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