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Give Your Eyes a Break This Spring Break

Wearing contacts while on spring break? Say no to h2o. Don't wear your contact lenses while swimming.

Don’t let an eye infection take the fun out of your spring break. Give your eyes a break and take out your contact lenses before you sleep, shower, or swim. Wearing contact lenses to bed and exposing them to water may increase the risk of painful eye infections that can ruin your vacation. Instead, spend spring break enjoying fun water activities with your friends and practice healthy and safe contact lens wear and care habits.

Here are some spring break tips to keep in mind:

  • If your contact lens case is more than 3 months old, replace it before you hit the road. Germs can hide in the cracks that form in old cases.
  • During your trip (and always), only use fresh contact lens solution to store your lenses after each use. Never mix old solution with new solution or use water to store your lenses.
  • Remember to pack plenty of back up supplies, and never purchase contact lenses without a prescription.

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