CDC VPN - Getting Started Video

For a guided 10-minute video of the instructions in the table below, please review the CDC VPN Getting Started Tutorial – Video

For information on the use of CITGO, go here.
For information on the use of Citrix Secure Hub Services, go here.
For information on the use of Citrix Files, go here.

CDC VPN – Instructions for Getting Connected

Step 1: Before you Connect the first time

Activate your account for VPN access:

1. Browse to and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process and accept the Rules of Behavior.

Determine whether the Citrix VPN Client software is installed on your laptop:

1. The Citrix Access Gateway client software for the new VPN has been pushed to all government-owned laptops.

2. To confirm that you have it installed on your laptop, click Start, Programs, Citrix, and confirm that the Citrix Access Gateway program is listed.

3. If the Citrix Access Gateway is not listed, you do not have the VPN Client installed on your laptop.  Contact the ITSO Service Desk for support.

Step 2: Connecting to the VPN

(Note: To establish a VPN connection, you must use a CDC laptop with the ITSO standard setup image for Win7.)

1. Connect to the Internet from an off-campus location (Ex: home, hotel, etc.) and confirm that you have Internet access by browsing to a popular location such as

2. In your browser, enter the address Login with your user-ID, password, and passcode. When successful, the CDC VPN Welcome Page will automatically open in your browser. You may now close or minimize the browser window and use your standard desktop. Note: If the CITGO Virtual Desktop automatically opens instead, your computer did not pass the End Point Analysis security check and was therefore redirected.

3. Once connected to the CDC VPN, confirm that Outlook and are working the same as they do when you are connected on campus. You can also log into CITGO through if needed, as you may sometimes do when in an on-campus location.

Step 3: Disconnecting and Reconnecting

1. When you are finished using VPN, it is highly recommended that you log off the CDC VPN. Right-click the blue icon with the white padlock in the system tray, which will display Citrix Access Gateway, and select Logoff. After selecting log off from padlock menu, it may take several minutes or more before the PIN prompt is presented. Until that prompt appears - and PIN is entered - and client notification tray pop up says you are logged off, you are not logged off.


Before contacting the ITSO Service Desk for assistance, please visit the CDC VPN FAQ.