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Tribal Chronic Disease Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works with and supports American Indian tribes, Alaska Native villages, tribal organizations, and Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TEC) to promote health, prevent disease, reduce health disparities, and strengthen connections to culture and lifeways that improve health and wellness.

Our Work With Tribes and Tribal Organizations

CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) supports public health approaches to improve the health of American Indians and Alaska Natives through four action areas or domains: epidemiology and surveillance, environmental approaches, health care system interventions, and community programs linked to clinical services. By working with Native people, governments, and organizations, NCCDPHP seeks to support and reinforce healthy behaviors and practices.

  • Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country (GHWIC): CDC’s largest investment to improve health among American Indians and Alaska Natives, GHWIC is a $78 million initiative that started in 2014 and continues through 2019. It supports tribes, tribal organizations, and TECs.
  • Tribal Epidemiology Centers Public Health Infrastructure: This 5-year program, launched in September 2017, seeks to increase the capacity of TECs to deliver public health functions to and with the tribes and villages in their Indian Health Service area.
  • Tribal Practices for Wellness in Indian Country: This 3-year program supports tribal practices identified by tribal health leaders that build resilience and connections to community, family, and culture.
  • Additional Investments: NCCDPHP makes additional investments to prevent and control cancer and commercial tobacco use and to build public health capacity and infrastructure in Indian Country.

This booklet was developed upon request of CDC’s Tribal Advisory Committee. It profiles all of the work CDC does in Indian Country as part of our broad portfolio to improve health and protect against health threats.

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