Supporting Healthy Schools

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adult helping children at crosswalk

Supporting Healthy Schools

When school staff, parents, and families are engaged in children’s school activities, students get better grades, choose healthier behaviors, and have better social skills.

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School health activities are also more successful when parents and caregivers are involved.

What Parents Can Do to Support Healthier Schools

Refilling a water container

Ask that water be
available all day.

Woman leading a meeting

Join the School Wellness Team
to support healthy practices.

Teacher in front a class of students

Encourage educators to
reward kids with extra time
for recess or a special game
instead of unhealthy snacks.

Kids playing outside

Motivate kids to sign up
for after-school physical
activity offered by the
school—or volunteer to lead.

Kids walking to school in a large group

Talk with neighbors about
forming a walking school
bus—taking turns walking
safely to and from school.

Students biking to school

Support safe walking and
biking routes to school if
the community does not
already have them.

Make sure your kids have what they need to stay healthy and safe at school.

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Page last reviewed: September 13, 2022