Earlier Funding Opportunities

Fiscal Year 2020

This funding opportunity supports the achievement of four National Tobacco Control Program (NTCP) goals to 1) Prevent initiation of commercial tobacco use among youth and young adults; 2) Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS); 3) Promote quitting among adults and youth; and 4) Identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities.

This announcement will fund Public Health Centers of Excellence (PHCOE) to support nationwide implementation of the 25 actions in the Healthy Brain Initiative’s State​ and​ Local​ Publi​c​ Healt​h​ Partn​ershi​ps​ to​ Addre​ss​ Demen​tia​: The​ 2018​-2023​ Road​ Map​ (RM) across the United States.

This funding will allow one applicant to operate and promote a linguistically and culturally appropriate nationwide quitline service for people who use tobacco and who predominantly speak Chinese (including Cantonese and Mandarin), Korean, and Vietnamese (CKV) languages.

The purpose of the funding is to support organizations implementing national efforts to help increase the number of health care providers recognizing the signs and symptoms of lupus and what to do if lupus is suspected, and to increase the number of people with lupus referred to and engaged in self-management tools/services and showing improvements in self-management behaviors.

The purpose of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to provide financial and technical assistance to recipients to conduct health-related behavioral surveillance through the BRFSS and increase the use of BRFSS data to inform public health actions to improve health. View the full funding opportunity.

This announcement provides funds to recipients to partner with health systems and individual primary care clinics to implement evidence-based interventions (EBIs) to increase colorectal cancer (CRC) screening uptake among applicant defined populations age 50-75 years that have CRC screening rates lower than the national, regional, or local rate. View the full funding opportunity.

This funding opportunity is designed to promote rigorous study of high-impact programs and policy interventions for prioritization in the public health response to prevent type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications. View the full funding opportunity.

The purpose of this NOFO is to support populations with a high burden of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, to develop and implement public health strategies guided by the Healthy Brain Initiative Road Map Series. More information.

Fiscal Year 2019

The proposed program’s purpose is to increase the availability of supportive services for young breast cancer survivors (YBCS), young women with metastatic breast cancer (mBC), and their caregivers and families by supporting organizations that serve this population. More information.

This funding opportunity will build on the successes achieved through the previous 2013 funding opportunity, DP 13-1316 Consortium for Tobacco Use Cessation Technical Assistance External. More information.

CDC’s Cancer Genomics Program develops best practices in education, surveillance, and policy and systems change approaches, and establishes an evidence base for the application of family history and cancer genomics in public health practice. More information.

The Mississippi Delta Health Collaborative (MDHC) works to advance efforts to prevent heart disease and stroke in the Delta with the goal of reducing illness, deaths, and related health disparities.

This funding is to reduce rates of death and disability from commercial tobacco use, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, and reduce the prevalence of obesity and other chronic disease risk factors and conditions in American Indian and Alaska Native communities. More information.

This research supports the study of innovative strategies to better engage populations most at risk and least likely to have access to eye care to detect and manage glaucoma and other eye diseases in community-based settings.

This funding supports research to expand the Vision and Eye Health Surveillance System, to enable monitoring of the burden of vision loss and eye diseases and ultimately to improve the vision and eye health of the nation.

This funding allows Prevention Research Centers (PRCs) to conduct Special Interest Projects (SIPs) to investigate and address the leading causes of illness, disability, and death in the United States.

This funding will support agencies and organizations that coordinate and manage Maternal Mortality Review Committees to identify and characterize maternal deaths for identifying prevention opportunities. View the full funding opportunity.

This is a 5-year cooperative agreement to prevent and control tobacco use, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in the US Associated Pacific Islands, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

This is a 5-year cooperative agreement with academic research centers to participate in a network of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Centers (PRC Network). View the full funding opportunity.

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