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Funding Opportunity Announcements

NCCDPHP works with many diverse partners, including state and local health and education departments; other federal health agencies; international and national health organizations; academic institutions; philanthropic foundations; industry and labor groups; and professional, voluntary and community organizations.

For information about current funding opportunities, visit

National Organization for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NOFO-DP18-1814)
Published May 4, 2018

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Centers (CDC-RFA-DP19-001)
Published March 21, 2018

State Public Health Approaches to Addressing Arthritis (CDC-RFA-DP18-1803)
Published February 2, 2018

Provision of Technical Assistance and Training Activities to Assure Comprehensive Cancer Control Outcomes (NOFO- DP 18-1805)
Published January 3, 2018

Tribal Practices for Wellness in Indian Country (RFA-DP18-1812PPHF)
Published December 15, 2017

Etiology and Outcome of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (RFA-DP-18-001)
Published November 30, 2017

Improving Student Health and Academic Achievement through Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Management of Chronic Conditions in Schools (CDC-RFA-DP18-1801)

Building Public Health Infrastructure in Tribal Communities to Accelerate Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in Indian Country (RFA-DP17-1704)
Published July 5, 2017

Michigan Lupus Epidemiology and Surveillance (MILES) Program Longitudinal Cohort Study (RFA-DP-16-002)
Published December 7, 2015

Johnston County Osteoarthritis Project: Arthritis, Disability, and Other Chronic Diseases (RFA-DP-16-003)
Published December 11, 2015

The National Collaboration to Promote Health, Wellness, and Academic Success of School-Age Children (CDC-RFA-DP16-1601)
Published November 17, 2015

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) (RFA-DP-16-001)
Published September 20, 2015

National Organization for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (RFA-DP-15-1512)
Published April 15, 2015

Natural Experiments of the Impact of Population-Targeted Health Policies to Prevent Diabetes and Its Complications (RFA-DP-15-001)
Published January 22, 2015

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