Laboratory Testing for Cholera

Rapid Diagnostic Testing

WHO Identification and Testing of Bacterial Pathogens in the Developing World

CDC Méthodes de laboratoire pour le diagnostic de la dysenterie épidémique et du choléra1

Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute documents

CDC Laboratory Methods for the Diagnosis of Vibrio cholerae2

CDC Job Aids for Specimen Collection and Transport

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  1. This manual is to be used in countries with minimal laboratory capacity and few resources. It focuses on the epidemiology of cholera and the laboratory methods to isolate and identify Vibrio cholerae serogroups O1 and O139 and how to test their susceptibility to antimicrobial agents in the epidemic setting. The laboratory techniques and study methodology described provide accurate and useful information for the control of epidemics using a minimum of resources. Often, the countries that face the challenge of responding to an epidemic are those with the least resources. Therefore, the microbiology laboratory must use its resources wisely in order to have the greatest impact on reducing morbidity and mortality during an epidemic.
  2. This manual is intended for use by Reference Laboratories.