Additional Tools and Resources

Community Health Improvement (CHI) Overview

Following are additional tools and resources that will help you throughout your collaborative community health improvement (CHI) efforts, including guidance on how to conduct community health needs assessments (CHNAs), community health assessments (CHAs), and much more:

Potential Data Sources

The following resources provide data that may guide your CHNA efforts. Consider using local data sources—such as focus groups and town hall meetings with community members and stakeholders, hospital data on service utilization, local environmental, community and social services data, and local health department data.

CHI Guiding Principles

The following resources contain additional information about the underlying principles of collaborative CHI. The key concepts found in the Tools for Successful CHI Efforts section were derived from a review of these guiding principles.

CHI Framework Tools and Resources

Are you still looking for additional tools to suit your community’s particular needs or preferences after reviewing the tools listed in Tools for Successful CHI Efforts? If so, consider the following tools and resources found in the following nine sections:

Historical Information

The following resources informed the development of the Sara Rosenbaum Principlespdf iconexternal icon and thus, indirectly, the key concepts shown in Tools for Successful CHI Efforts.

The additional tools and resources listed do not necessarily represent the official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.