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Fact Sheet

Chickenpox Can Be Serious: Protect Yourself and Your Child


Nobody Wants Chicken Pox!

Chickenpox – What You Need to Know

Listen to this Podcast (4:26 minutes)

Date Released: 9/29/2011This podcast discusses chickenpox, its symptoms, how it spreads, and how to protect you and your family from getting it.


Chickenpox video

One family’s struggle with chickenpoxexternal icon (running time: 3:11 minutes)
Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases ( recorded the stories of 8 familiesexternal icon affected by vaccine preventable diseases.

video: Chickenpox-#Vaccines by the Numbers

Chickenpox — #Vaccines by the Numbers (running time: 29 seconds)
Watch a video about how common deaths and hospitalizations from chickenpox used to be before the chickenpox vaccine


Infographic: Breakthrough Varicella

Do You Know What Breakthrough Varicella (Chickenpox) Looks Like?
View an infographic that helps identify breakthrough varicella (chickenpox)

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infographic: chickenpox and protecting your child with chickenpox vaccine

Chickenpoximage icon
View an infographic about chickenpox and protecting your child with chickenpox vaccine

image of Chickenpox Vaccine Infographic

Chickenpox Vaccine Saves Lives and Prevents Serious Illness
This infographic shows the impact and success of the chickenpox vaccination program in the U.S.

Disease of the Week

  • Disease of the Week: Chickenpox
    Explore an interactive webpage with key facts, prevention tips, and a quiz about chickenpox and the vaccine.

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