Making Health Easier: Healthy Snacking in Philadelphia, PA Transcript

[Saundra McGeathey] In the morning, I can come in and I can preview some of my work orders but then after you get your work orders, you definitely get out on the road. You don’t really get an opportunity to have a balanced meal during the day so you just grab what you can. Sometimes the vending machine is a friend. The machine is right there and that’s what makes it good.

[Amanda Wagner] Get Healthy Philly is an initiative out of the health commissioner’s office, and we try to make healthy choices the easy choice wherever possible. We started this vending
initiative because we recognized that the city is both a model as the government and also a big work site. I think healthy vending really is a simple first step to make the healthy choice the easy choice because you already sort of decided that food is going to be available, so it’s just the next step of saying we want to make sure that more of these foods are healthier foods. Sixty-five percent of the machine had to be snacks that met certain nutrition criteria that our dietitians looked at.

[Saundra McGeathey] Once I was introduced to the healthier snacks in the vending machine, it taught me how to do what I needed to do at home to carry it through and to make it part of my lifestyle. I almost eliminated the saturated or trans fats. It’s helping with reducing weight because every time I go back to my doctor its one pound less. Now my choices are better choices and they’re healthier choices. It gives you an option and the healthier option is always better.

Page last reviewed: December 13, 2017