Protect Yourself, Protect Your Baby Transcript

[Mom] Julia honey, it’s almost time for your doctor’s appointment. Do you want a snack before we go to the clinic.

[Julia] Yeah, I know. I just don’t really want to go. I think I’m supposed to get a flu shot this appointment, and I don’t think I need one.

[Mom] The doctor said it’s important, right? Since you’re pregnant now, I am just so worried about you getting sick this flu season. I heard on the news that the flu can be very serious for pregnant women.

[Julia] But I don’t know if I want to put any medicines in my body. I mean, I’m trying to do everything right for the baby…eating well, walking… why do I need a flu shot now when I’m trying to be so healthy?

[Mom] Look, I’ll go with you to see Dr. Hicks. Have you been watching something on TV or Googling again? I think we’d better listen to what the doctor has to say. I’ll help you up.

[Julia] Ok. You’re right. Let’s go.

[Julia] Hi, Dr. Hicks. Is everything ok?

[Dr. Hicks] Very good! Keep up the walking. I understand you had some questions about today’s flu shot?

[Julia] Well, I was wondering. Should I really be getting a shot? I mean is it safe?

[Dr. Hicks] The vaccine is very safe. It’s been used millions of times, including in pregnant women like you. The shot can not give you the flu—but, it can protect you and your baby.

[Julia] Isn’t it just the flu? I mean, wouldn’t I be better off fighting it off naturally?

[Dr. Hicks] When you’re pregnant your body changes; you’re at risk of getting very sick from the flu. This can cause problems for you and your baby.

[Julia] The baby too?

[Dr. Hicks] Yes. Last year, I had a pregnant patient that did not get vaccinated. She ended up getting very sick from the flu and had to be hospitalized.

[Mom] Oh, that’s terrible!

[Dr. Hicks] I know you want to do everything possible to protect you and your baby. Get the flu shot today, and you can pass on protection now, for you and your baby, and after the baby’s born. It’s a great thing to do, since babies can not get the flu shot until after they’re six months old.

[Julia] Ok, I’ll do it. I want to be healthy and protect my baby.

[Mom] Hey, what are you doing to me?

[Julia] Well, since you’re going to be helping out so much, you can get your shot, too. The baby can’t get one for a while, so your flu shot will protect both you… and her, Grandma.

[Mom] Did you say her? Oh!

[Dr. Hicks] And Julia? Just let you know that the flu shot takes about two weeks to build up protection. So if you have any flu symptoms, make sure you call the clinic right away. You’re doing the right thing getting your shot today. I’m going to send in the nurse with your shots.

[Mom] Send in two shots, doctor.

[Julia] Thanks, Mom. We’ll both get vaccinated today…for the baby!

Page last reviewed: December 12, 2017