Career Paths to Public Health

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CDC’s Career Paths to Public Health (CPP) website is a roadmap for students and teachers interested in learning and teaching about epidemiology and public health sciences (EPHS).

Here you will find information on CDC workshops, activities, and lesson plans as well as other resources. These materials are designed to introduce the future public health workforce to EPHS, to promote health literacy and to provide examples of how math and science are used every day to solve public health problems confronting our world.

CDC Science Ambassador Fellowship

In 2017, CDC launched its inaugural Science Ambassador Fellowship, previously the Science Ambassador Workshop. This competitive fellowship includes a 5-day course at CDC headquarters in Atlanta, GA over the summer and a 1-year remote professional development opportunity for teachers and educational leaders interested in bringing public health sciences into current middle- and high- school classrooms.

CDC Museum Disease Detective Camp (DDC)

An academic day camp held at CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia for high-school students during the summer before their junior or senior years. Over the course of five days, campers are immersed in the field of public health, work together, and become a diverse team of disease detectives!

CDC Museum Public Health Academy Online Summer Course

A web-based course with both synchronous and asynchronous components for high-school students during the summer before their junior or senior years. Over the course of five days, students are immersed in the diverse field of public health and learn about CDC’s work.

CDC Museum Public Health Academy Teen Newsletter

The newsletter introduces teens to different public health topics that CDC studies. Each newsletter provides an Introduction, explains CDC’s Work, breaks down the topic using the Public Health Approach, gives you a behind the scenes look at historical items Out of the CDC Museum Collection, and offers a live Teen Talk where teens can learn from CDC experts.

CDC Museum Public Health Academy STEM Lessons

The lessons aim to educate students about public health issues through the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Each lesson offers inquiry-based, hands-on activities that allow students to work in teams or independently.

Lesson Plans

CDC’s Science Ambassador Fellowship connects teachers with CDC scientists to develop lesson plans to use in schools across the country.

These plans are designed to be for middle and high school classrooms and meet Next Generation Science. They bring relevant public health topics into the classroom and challenge students to think about science and mathematics in a new way.


Learn about public health education resources for elementary, middle and high school, and college students. Access resources for teachers to help bring public health concepts into classrooms.