Source of standard: CDC’s National Program of Cancer Registries

Source item name: Derived from NAACCR’s Addr at DX–State and U.S. Cancer Statistics publication criteria

Source item number: Derived from NAACCR’s 80external icon

This variable indicates whether a central cancer registry met the U.S. Cancer Statistics publication criteria for all cancer sites combined each year in 2014–2018. When using this variable, restrict the diagnosis years to 2014–2018. This is done in SEER*Stat on the Selection tab using the year of diagnosis variable.

Considerations for Use

  • This variable is used for analysis of combined 2014–2018 data in the NPCR and SEER Incidence – U.S. Cancer Statistics 2001–2018 database. Data from registries that did not meet the U.S. Cancer Statistics publication criteria in any given year were excluded from the database for that year.
  • If you are conducting a multiyear analysis and want to restrict the analysis to the registries that met publication criteria for each of those years (for example, a trend analysis), we recommend using this predefined variable (includes diagnosis years 2014–2018), USCS0918 (includes diagnosis years 2009–2018), or USCS0118 (includes diagnosis years 2001–2018).
  • If you would like to analyze a range of years other than those predefined variables, please contact CDC at and we will create a new variable for you that can be imported into SEER*Stat.

Note: This frequency table is restricted to cancers diagnosed during 2014–2018.