State Race Ethnicity Suppress

Source of standard: CDC’s National Program of Cancer Registries

Source item name: Derived from Addr at DX – state and state-level race or ethnicity reporting restrictions

Source item number: Derived from NAACCR’s 80external icon

This variable was created specifically for this database. It provides the selection of states that are eligible to be included in a state-level analysis of race and ethnicity combined.

Considerations for Use

  • States have the option to suppress race-specific and Hispanic ethnicity-specific data. While these states can be included in an aggregated analysis, the affected state’s race and ethnicity information cannot be reported at the state level.
  • This variable should be used when conducting state-level analyses of race and ethnicity combinations. If you are conducting a state-level analysis of race or ethnicity only, you should make restrictions manually in the SEER*Stat Selection tab.
  • The following states have state-level race or ethnicity data presentation restrictions—
    • Data for American Indian and Alaska Native people cannot be displayed for Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, and New York.
    • Data for Asian and Pacific Islander people cannot be displayed for Delaware, Kansas, and Kentucky.
    • Hispanic ethnicity data cannot be displayed for Delaware, Kentucky, and Massachusetts.
    • Race and ethnicity combinations—White Hispanic, White non-Hispanic, Black Hispanic, and Black non-Hispanic—cannot be displayed for Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.
  • For more information, please refer to the Race recode for USCS and Origin recode NHIA (Hispanic, Non-Hisp) variable descriptions.