Rural-Urban Continuum 2013, Grouped

Source of standard: North American Association of Central Cancer Registriesexternal icon

Source item name: Derived from RuralUrban Continuum 2013

Source item number: 3312external icon

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service’s 2013 Rural-Urban Continuum Codesexternal icon form a classification scheme that distinguishes metropolitan counties by the population size of their metro area, and nonmetropolitan counties by degree of urbanization and adjacency to a metro area.

This variable in this database groups the 2013 Rural-Urban Continuum Codes (also referred to as the Beale Codes) into 3 categories: metropolitan counties (rural-urban continuum codes 1–3), nonmetropolitan counties (rural-urban continuum codes 4–9), and unavailable (blank or unknown).

Categorizing counties by population size helps researchers investigate geographic correlates of the burden of cancer in the area of interest.

Considerations for Use

  • These codes are derived electronically using patients’ state and county at diagnosis as submitted by the central cancer registry. In instances where the central cancer registry is unable to submit county information, the codes are derived and submitted by the registry.
  • The code is a 9-point continuum, transmitted in standard NAACCR record form with a leading 0, (01–09). Abstractors do not enter these codes.