Origin recode NHIA (Hispanic, non-Hisp)

Source of standard: North American Association of Central Cancer Registriesexternal icon

Source item name: NHIA Derived Hisp Origin

Source item number: 191external icon

This variable was derived from the NAACCR standard variables Spanish/Hispanic Origin [190], Name-Last [2230], Name-Maiden [2390], Birthplace [250], Race 1 [160], IHS Link [192], and Sex [220].

The NAACCR Hispanic Identification Algorithm (NHIA) uses the combination of these variables to classify cases directly or indirectly as Hispanic for analytic purposes.

Considerations for Use

  • This variable is available only in the U.S. Data 2001–2018 database.
  • States have the option to suppress race-specific and Hispanic-specific data every submission year. While these states can be included in an aggregated analysis, the state’s race and ethnicity information cannot be reported at the state level.
  • The following states have state-level race or ethnicity data presentation restrictions—
    • Data for Hispanic ethnicity cannot be displayed for Delaware, Kentucky, and Massachusetts.
    • Data for race and ethnicity combinations—White Hispanic, White non-Hispanic, Black Hispanic, and Black non-Hispanic—cannot be displayed for Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.
  • Blank values are allowed for states that chose not to include data for NHIA in this file.
More Information

NAACCR Race and Ethnicity Work Group. NAACCR Guideline for Enhancing Hispanic/Latino Identification: Revised NAACCR Hispanic/Latino Identification Algorithm [NHIA v2.2.1] [PDF-435KB].pdf iconexternal icon Springfield (IL): North American Association of Central Cancer Registries. September 2011.