U.S. and Puerto Rico Data (2005–2017) Analyses Checklist

U.S. Cancer Statistics Public Use Database

  • If a user-defined primary site variable was created (rather than using the Site recode ICD-O-3/WHO 2008 variable)—
    • Did you exclude leukemias and lymphomas (9590–9992)?
    • Did you consider excluding Kaposi sarcoma (9140) and mesothelioma (9050–9055)?

    For more information, see Primary Site Variables.

  • If your analysis includes histology, and if appropriate for the cancer site, did you use the Diagnostic Confirmation variable to specify the analysis be limited to Microscopically confirmed cases?
  • If you are analyzing sex-specific cancers (such as prostate cancer or female breast cancer), did you limit the analysis to the appropriate sex to get the correct population denominator?
  • When reporting rates, have you included the label “per 100,000 persons,” “per 100,000 women,” or “per 100,000 men”?
  • Have you included citations for the—
    • Percentage of United States population coverage provided by the database?
    • NPCR and SEER Incidence – U.S. Cancer Statistics 2005–2017 Public Use Research Database?