Xenia’s Story

“As a cancer survivor, you have to find the people that understand you, support you, get you,” Xenia says in this video.

Xenia faced infertility at age 34 after treatment for endometrial and uterine cancers. Learn how she established a support system of peers and found a new version of herself after cancer.

“People’s greatest misconception with cancer is that there’s an on and off switch. Once you’re finished with the treatment, you just turn your life back on. And in reality, you don’t. You’re a totally different version of yourself, and we have to figure out that new normal.

“At 34, I had to have a radical hysterectomy to treat my uterine cancer. I’ve never felt more alone or lost in my life. Everything I thought would be my future had disappeared in a matter of hours.

“But, through counseling with my psychiatrist and just reaching out to different young adult organizations, and finding a community with it, I was able to create a new normal.

“I found Cancer to 5K, just seeing if I could run after my cancer diagnosis, and that led me to signing up for my first marathon. Now, I continue running, walking, doing physical activity, just because it helps me to set goals, and helps me be accountable to who I am as a person.

“I’m not gonna say I’m perfect. The tears, I’m not perfect. I cry a lot. It’s still sucks that I can’t have a baby, but I found happiness in all this sadness. I have a community of other young adult women that have gone through radical hysterectomies, of others that just get it.

“As a cancer survivor, you have to find your people. You have to find the people that understand you, support you, get you. You have to find that group. Those are the people you can find via Facebook groups, via Google, via just looking up what your diagnosis is.

“And I just hope, and I wish for everyone to have those people that they can call on to have their backs.”

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