Videos for Cancer Survivors

For videos about cancer survivors, please visit Cancer Survivor Stories.

Kathy Bates

Actor and cancer survivor Kathy Bates talks about lymphedema, a common side effect of cancer treatment.

Linda with a graphic that says "Hair Loss within two to four weeks"

Learn how Linda dealt with her experience of hair loss from chemotherapy treatment.

Linda with a cup of coffee at a café

Chat with Linda, a cancer survivor, about the stresses and concerns common for cancer survivors and how to find support.

Patient–Provider Communication: Improving the Mental Health of Cancer Survivors

This video series focuses on mental health issues that patients experience during and after cancer treatment, and how their health care providers can help them.

Provider Education for Mental Health Care of Cancer Survivors

During this free, web-based interactive training, providers can engage in role-play conversations with simulated cancer survivors to try different approaches to discussing mental health concerns identified through distress screening, and make appropriate referrals when indicated. This training also allows providers to get personalized feedback and gain the confidence and skills to lead similar conversations in real life.

Photo of Dr. Natasha Buchanan Lunsford

Learn about tools that health care providers can use to conduct distress screening with cancer survivors from clinical health psychologist Dr. Natasha Buchanan Lunsford.

Photo of Dr. Tonya Echols Cole and pediatric cancer survivor Amelia Ballard

For a patient, having a care team that works in a coordinated, informed way is key to his or her treatment and follow-up care after treatment. Oncologist Dr. Tonya Echols Cole speaks with pediatric cancer survivor Amelia Ballard about the importance of her medical team’s coordinated follow-up care.

Photo of Dr. Tonya Echols Cole and cancer survivor Mari Brick

Breast cancer survivor Mari Brick talks to oncologist Dr. Tonya Echols Cole about what it was like for her to adjust to life after cancer treatment.

Photo of Dr. Lynne Padgett and pediatric cancer survivor Amelia Ballard

“Chemo brain” is a phrase often used to refer to cognitive impairments like problems with learning, language, concentration, and memory during and after cancer treatment. Amelia Ballard, a childhood cancer survivor, discusses how she was affected by some of these side effects of cancer treatment with clinical health psychologist Dr. Lynne Padgett.

Photo of Dr. Lynne Padgett and cancer survivor Reverend Dr. James Brewer-Calvert

For some cancer survivors, talking about mental health challenges is more difficult than talking about physical health concerns. Clinical health psychologist Dr. Lynne Padgett and colon cancer survivor Reverend Dr. James Brewer-Calvert discuss how cultural beliefs, worries about stigma, and negative attitudes about mental health can make these discussions difficult.

Photo of Dr. Lynne Padgett and cancer survivor Brock Lamont

Multiple myeloma survivor Brock Lamont shares his experience with talking about mental health issues with his health care providers with Dr. Lynne Padgett, a clinical health psychologist.