Cancer Survivors Podcasts

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Photo of a man washing his hands
Cancer Patients and COVID-19

Dr. Lisa Richardson, director of CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, lists steps cancer patients and survivors can take to stay healthy.

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Linda, cancer survivor
Dealing with Hair Loss from Cancer Treatment

Listen to how Linda dealt with her experience of hair loss from chemotherapy treatment.

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Cancer Survivor Stories

Photo of lung cancer survivor Jackie Archer

Jackie, a lung cancer survivor, shares her story about diagnosis, treatment, and community support.

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Photo of Carletta

Carletta found the strength to beat breast cancer by mapping out her own strategy.

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Photo of Jennifer

Jen took her health and her future firmly into her own hands.

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Photo of Jay

Jen’s husband, Jay, stood by her and supported her difficult decisions throughout her breast cancer journey.

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Photo of Meagan

Meagan found a lump in her breast and found the courage to get it checked out.

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Photo of Pam Bryant

“I knew that with my family’s history, there was a possibility that I would get breast cancer,” says Pam. She was diagnosed at age 43.

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