Registry Plus™ Web Plus Features and Future Plans


Online Abstracting

  • Eliminates the need to distribute and maintain software at physicians’ offices and other low-volume reporting sources.
  • Provides lookup-assisted data entry with an advanced search feature for data items with extensive lookups.
  • Has a link for each data item to the NAACCR Standards for Cancer Registries Volume II: Data Standards and Data Dictionary for information about the data item.
  • Offers code selection from drop-down lists when appropriate.
  • Supports calculation of Age at Diagnosis and Collaborative Stage.
  • Edits are run each time an abstract is saved, and remaining errors are displayed for correction.
  • Includes security features such as digital certificates, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, and password protection.
  • Supports all data items in national standard data sets, including text.
  • Allows data sets and edit sets to be customized by the central registry.
  • Provides reports at any time.

File Upload and Download

  • Supports file upload of abstracts of files in both NAACCR and non-NAACCR file format.
  • When a file in the NAACCR format is uploaded—
    • EDITS validates the file.
    • Error and data quality indicator reports are available.
    • Automated rules govern file acceptance (accept if less than n% of records have errors).
    • An administrator can override automated rules.
    • Under heavy load conditions, edits on large files can be run offline.
  • Central registries can post files for secure download by facilities—
    • Different files can be posted for different facilities.
    • The File Uploader downloads the files at each facility.
    • Administrators can manage the files posted for download, and download the files.


  • Web Plus has follow-back features to support death certificate only and pathology laboratory follow-back efforts.
    • Follow-back files of partially-filled NAACCR abstracts are generated from electronic death certificate files or pathology laboratory reports are uploaded into Web Plus.
    • Notification to physicians and facilities to log in and update the abstracts is sent via e-mail.
    • When posted, abstracts are processed via the regular Web Plus record flow, but may be rejected back to the central registry for re-routing.
  • The follow-back supervisor and monitors track follow-back abstracts to ensure their resolution. Web Plus provides a robust electronic tracking log and several follow-back reports.

Future Plans

The NPCR Registry Plus development team is continually enhancing applications as required to meet the changing needs of the NPCR and the greater cancer registry community.

The Web Plus Development Priority List is a list of development tasks prioritized by the NPCR Registry Plus development team. Each task is the direct result of meetings with the Registry Plus User Group (RPUG) as well as requests from individual cancer registries and leaders in the cancer registry field. To obtain a copy of the current Web Plus Development Priority List, please contact

Page last reviewed: November 19, 2018