Registry Plus™ Utility Programs Features

Conversion Specifications for NAACCR 18

The conversion specifications describe the actions of the conversion program written to convert records in the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) version 16 standard to the NAACCR version 18 standard.

  1. All data items with defined locations in both the version 16 and 18 NAACCR layouts are moved to the new locations.
  2. The 1000-character State/Requestor Items [2220] is moved as a single block.
  3. Items in the 75-character NPCR Specific Field [3720] that were continued into the version 18 layout are moved individually to their new locations.
  4. Items in the 75-character NPCR Specific Field [3720] that were discontinued after version 16 are not moved into the v18 record. (See the Northcon v18 Release Notes, packaged with the installer, for a list of items not relocated in v18.)
  5. Special study items for CDC’s CER and PCOR studies, other than any that were included in point 3 above, are not moved into the v18 record.
  6. The NAACCR Record Version [50] value is set to ‘180’ in each converted record.
  7. A value of ‘4’ in Vital Status [1760] is converted to a value of ‘0’.


This program converts a file of records to the NAACCR version 18 standard data layout. The input file should consist of records conforming to the NAACCR record layout standards for version 16. (For a program to produce NAACCR 16.0 output records from older NAACCR versions, please contact your program consultant.)

Dynamic Link Library (DLL) nconv180.dll

This function library contains several functions to perform file conversion or record-by-record conversion when accessed by a program. This is the same DLL used by Northcon180, above, and other Registry Plus software.