Registry Plus™ Link Plus Technical Information and Installation

System Requirements

Registry Plus programs work with 32- and 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® operating systems on x86-compatible processors. The minimum hardware requirements are the same as those of the Microsoft Windows operating system used.

Additional system requirements include—

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 or more recent.
  • System memory: 2 GB or more.
  • Web browser: Latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (recommended).
  • Minimum free disk space: 1 GB for file operations (additional disk space commensurate with data files).

Installing and Upgrading Link Plus Production Version 2.0

Before you install or upgrade Link Plus, please read the following information.

  • This version of Link Plus was designed to upgrade older application versions automatically while preserving configuration settings.
  • If someone else is responsible for maintenance of your computer, you may not be able to install software. In this case, consult the maintainer of your computer for assistance. You must be logged on as the administrator.
  • If you are upgrading or reinstalling an existing version of Link Plus, you will need to uninstall the existing Link Plus program before you install Version 2.

    To uninstall Link Plus, click Start, All Programs, Registry Plus, Link Plus, Uninstall Link Plus. Finally, click Yes (you are sure you would like to uninstall this product), and Link Plus will be uninstalled. After the previous version of Link Plus is uninstalled, the new production version may be installed.

  • The files and folder structure are preserved after you uninstall the previous version of Link Plus. Install this version in the same folder as your previous version of Link Plus to ensure the database and configuration settings are upgraded properly.
  • To ensure the new version of Link Plus is installed in the same folder as the previous version, open Windows Explorer and locate the folder in which Link Plus is currently installed.
  • If you are installing Link Plus for the first time, you may install it on the drive and folder of your choosing; however, you cannot install it in a subfolder. Link Plus must be installed in a root folder from the drive of your choosing.

Installation of Production Version 2.0

  1. Download Link Plus, RPLinkPLus_2.0.exe (executable file, 20.7 MB, June 29, 2007) to your computer.
  2. Open the downloaded file. The installation program will direct you through the steps for installing Link Plus. If you are a first-time user, we recommend you select the defaults.
  3. When installed, click on the Windows Start button and select Programs, then Registry Plus, then Link Plus.

Note: When first installed, Link Plus includes test data files and configuration files for demonstration purposes. To run the demonstrations, go to the File menu and select Open Configuration File. From the configuration folder, select the file FWDemo.cfg to perform linkage on two fixed-width files, or DelimDemo.cfg to perform linkage on two delimited files. You can demonstrate additional features of the program by making changes on the configuration form and saving your new configurations under different file names.

Installation of Link Plus Version 3.0 Beta

To obtain a copy of the Link Plus version 3.0 beta program, please contact

Page last reviewed: November 19, 2018