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Hospital Registry Functions

Approve a Pathology Laboratory for Electronic Reporting

The process for evaluating and subsequently approving a pathology laboratory as being qualified to perform electronic reporting that meets cancer registry standards.

Prepare and Transmit Event Report

The process whereby a data source submits event reports to the central cancer registry, using established criteria for record layout format, required event report types, required data items, and transmission standards.

Receive Batch File

To verify that a group of event reports meet the standards for record layout format, and that the batch has not been submitted previously.

Validate Event Report

To verify that information submitted on an event report meets logic, consistency, and data validity standards.

Perform Casefinding and Passive Follow-up

To verify that information submitted on an event report represents a reportable case, and update vital status and other follow-up information for patients with an abstract in the cancer registry.

Perform Abstracting

To collect and record pertinent cancer data from a health record.

Validate and Edit Abstracted Data

To verify that information in the cancer registry abstract meets logic, consistency, and data validity standards.

Submit Data to Central Cancer Registry and National Cancer Data Base

To submit cancer information to various organizations to meet state and accreditation regulations, and assist in research activities.

Conduct Active Follow-up

To obtain updated information annually regarding a patient’s health status to ensure continued medical surveillance.

Perform Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement

Quality improvement is a planned set of activities by which the cancer registrar monitors quality and takes appropriate remedial action to improve future quality, maximizing correct reporting and characterizing the reporting process in measurable terms. Quality assurance is a formal review of patient records to evaluate case completeness and data quality.

Perform Analysis

To analyze collected cancer data and convert it into information about treatment, survival, and other factors affecting cancer patients. To perform statistical analysis on collected data to provide interpreted information on cancer for a particular population.